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What are earwigs?

Earwigs are an unpleasant looking creature that squeezes their way into our homes without much notice. Once inside, it can take some time to discover their presence. Earwigs are nocturnal and spend their days hiding in dark, hard to reach areas, only emerging at night to forage for food.

Earwigs have wings, but don’t fly and are best known for their pincers that they use to defend themselves from each other and other insects. Adults grow to between a quarter to one inch long. They have an elongated body that is slender and reddish-brown. 


Are earwigs dangerous?

Though earwigs have pincers and are very intimidating looking, they are mainly nuisance pests. They pose no significant dangers to people or our property.

Earwigs live outside in garden areas. In very large populations, they may be able to cause some damage to plants, but again, this is not a huge concern. The biggest reason why earwigs are considered pests is that if conditions dictate, they will migrate inside in large numbers. Once inside, they are difficult to get rid of. 

Why do I have an earwig problem?

Earwigs have become a problem in your yard because it provides them with the damp, dark living conditions that allow them to thrive. Earwigs are nocturnal scavengers that feed on decaying organic matter, other insects, and plants such as vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants. Things like gardens, flowerbeds, mulch, landscaping ties, and other areas of dense vegetation that attracts moisture will also attract earwigs.


Where will I find earwigs?

In Arizona, it is typical for earwigs and other moisture-seeking pests to want to move inside to take advantage of the cool, damp areas our homes often provide to them. When earwigs move into our homes, they do so through spaces they find in the foundation, exterior walls, or around windows. Once inside, the earwigs will move to damp, dark areas.

  • Crawl spaces
  • Wall voids near plumbing pipes
  • Behind kitchen appliances
  • In cabinets under sinks
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Pieces of folded bedding or linens

How do I get rid of earwigs?

Locally owned and family-operated, Zona Pest Solutions is the best choice to get rid of earwigs from your home or business. We offer fast response times and peace of mind knowing that your pest problems will be solved, and they won’t return. Our experienced professionals provide top-quality pest control services using the latest and most effective products to eliminate earwigs from Arizona properties. Discover why your neighbors choose Zona Pest Solutions for their pest control needs. Give us a call today!

How can I prevent earwigs in the future?

We want to offer some tips to help you keep earwigs out of your Arizona home. The biggest thing you can do to avoid problems with earwigs is to block off entry points. Take the following steps to help keep earwigs out:

  • Use steel wood or another material to seal openings around wires or cables entering your home.
  • Replace or repair screens with holes or tears in them.
  • Use silicone caulk to repair cracks that develop in your home’s exterior.
  • Repair damaged door or window trim.
  • Place door sweeps on all exterior doors.

Earwigs are moisture pests, so reducing moisture in and around your home is also essential to keeping these pests at bay. Ensure kitchens and bathrooms are adequately ventilated and repair leaky pipes that could provide these pests with the moisture they seek.

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