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What are spiders?

Spiders are nocturnal predators that thrive in Arizona. Our warm weather allows many different spiders and the insects they feed on to be active throughout most of the year. Spiders are arachnids, and therefore all adults have eight legs, only two body segments, and lack of wings and antennae. 

Spiders are natural predators and typically welcome in our yards and gardens as they help control populations of nuisance insects. However, when these leggy creatures move into your home, you should take steps to eliminate them.


Are spiders dangerous?

In Arizona, there are two species of dangerous spiders (black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders). Keeping away from dangerous spiders is always suggested as they have venom potent enough to trigger health problems in people. While bites from dangerous spiders are rarely fatal, a medical professional should manage the symptoms they cause. 

There is some peace of mind in knowing that most species of spiders we come across in our Arizona yards and homes aren’t dangerous. As long as you aren’t trying to provoke them, they will stay away from you. 

If you have spiders lurking around your home and aren’t sure of their species, contact us at Quell Pest Control. Our professionals can come to your property and complete an inspection.

Why do I have a spider problem?

Our Arizona yards offer three things that spiders just can’t pass up; food, water, and shelter. Inside flowerbeds and gardens are an array of insect prey to fill the bellies of hungry spiders. Our trees, landscaping plants, decks, and the exterior of our homes provide them with plenty of hiding spots and places to build webs. Things like dripping outdoor faucets, leaky pipes, and shady areas provide them with moisture and a respite from the sun and heat. 

Spiders live outside but often find their way into our homes when following their prey. Once inside, if food and water are available, they typically stay.

Where will I find spiders?

Spiders are reclusive creatures and spend much of their days trying to stay hidden. Even though they are predators, many birds and animals will feed on them if given a chance. 

Staying hidden also helps them be more effective hunters and allows them to sneak up on their insect prey. 

Some of the places you’ll regularly find spiders, their webs, or burrows on our properties include:

  • Under roof eaves and in doorways.
  • In shrubs and landscaping plants.
  • In areas of tall grass or weeds.
  • Under decks and porch steps.
  • In the corners of windows.
  • In dark, quiet storage areas like closets and crawl spaces.
  • Inside cardboard boxes or areas of clutter.
  • Under indoor or outdoor furniture. 

If you see large numbers of spiders around your house, you are probably not only dealing with spiders but a widespread insect infestation as well. Contacting Quell Pest Control for help is the most effective way to get rid of both!

How do I get rid of spiders?

If spiders have become a problem around your home, it is best to partner with a professional who can accurately identify the spiders and safely remove them. To solve your spider problems, trust the local professionals at Zona Pest Solutions. We are a local, family-owned business dedicated to helping people living in the East Valley area of Arizona keep their properties free of unwanted and dangerous pests. We will identify and solve the problems you are experiencing with spiders and other common Arizona pests through eco-friendly pest control solutions, premium products, and targeted treatments. 

If you want to learn more about our spider control solutions, give us a call today!

How can I prevent spiders in the future?

Below are some tips to help you protect your family and property from spiders and other common household invaders. 

  • Whenever you spot spider webs, remove them. Removing their webs will annoy the spiders and force them to move somewhere else. 
  • Reduce areas of clutter from your yard. Clutter provides hiding spots for these reclusive creatures.
  • Keep your home organized and free of excess clutter. The more areas for spiders to hide in your home, the longer they be a part of your household.
  • Eliminate entry points by placing weatherstripping around windows and doors, covers over vents, and installing door sweeps.
  • Always inspect boxes and things like potted plants for spiders before bringing them into your house.

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